Monday, March 7, 2011

Business Owners with Sales > $1MM - Insure your Receivables!

How can credit insurance help me?
A credit insurance policy protects domestic and international accounts receivable against nonpayment by customers. Credit Specialists are located throughout the United States to work with you in tailoring a policy to meet your specific needs.

Policy Features
- Customized policy structure
- Broad range of coverage options
- Short-term receivables coverage from both domestic and foreign companies
- Protection against insolvency and bankruptcy situations
- Protection against past due accounts with collection services both in the United States and abroad

Policy Benefits
-Reimburses bad debt losses
- Manages and controls accounts receivable
- Increases sales by allowing for larger extension of credit to good risk debtors as well as new customers overseas
- Enhances borrowing power with security of insured receivables
- Provides an additional credit information resource
- Ensures profit margins

Inquire with Noah for more information, or to have a specialist visit your business!

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